A distributed version called DSOM allowed objects on different computers to communicate. Stewart was a no-show. This version was released on 25 September The order came down from the top of the company: At the cost of additional hardware resources, this approach can protect each program in any given Windows session and each instance of Windows itself from every other program running in any separate Windows session though not from other programs running in the same Windows session.

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Users browsing this forum: It was nice to have them in emulation sessions, because the Windows OS and programs weren’t that stable back then, so you could let one crash now and then, without losing your whole machine.

Half an operating system: The triumph and tragedy of OS/2

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Cary — John R. Rather than merely providing an environment for program windows such as the Program Managerthe Workplace Shell provided an environment in which a user could manage programs, files and devices by manipulating objects on the screen.


IBM ignored the personal computer industry long enough that it was forced to rush out a PC design that was easy and legal to clone. A distributed version called DSOM allowed objects on different computers to communicate. Archived from the original on May 13, Retrieved March 25, Archived from the original on 4 June Notably, basic system calls were modelled after MS-DOS calls; their names even started with “Dos” and it was possible to create “Family Mode” 3c9085 This included an extensive set of configuration options to optimize the performance and capabilities given to each DOS program.

OS/2 Warp Compatible Hardware List Web site: OS/2 NICPAK

Palmisano — Ginni Rometty —present. The Extended Edition of 1. And the spider’s web of issues that drag in support for all manner of weird things are hard to believe until you lived through untangling them.

PC Lube and Tune. Archived from the original on Phone 7 Phone 8 Phone 8.

Alain Belda William R. The two products have significant differences in API. Pentium mmx or P-Pro or ?

Half an operating system: The triumph and tragedy of OS/2 | Ars Technica

Computer History Collection transcript of a Video History interview. Retrieved April 10, This control system delivered by Alcatel was in use from to i. It was quite nice actually. Petitions were held in andbut IBM refused them, citing legal and technical reasons. Used as the operating system for the Library Manager LM od-2 controlled the tape accessor robot [68].


This section needs additional citations for verification. We built early versions of NT on PCs with 12mb or 16mb of physical memory as build machines.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Matrox G for once.

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Archived from the os2- on April 10, This section does not cite any sources. Today, many people have observed that Microsoft is the new dominant force in legacy computing, with legacy redefined as a personal computer running Windows.

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