Really looking forward to coming down to foregolf in march for the second go and seeing how much those numbers change. They were able to find me an extra 45 yards off the tee. I got very good advice and at no stage was he pushing me to spend. Great setup and top team. I would recommend using foregolf as the team make every effort to assist you with improving your golf game as well as making it an enjoyable experience. Customer service top class throughout.

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And the resulSt where clearly visible when compared to my own clubs that I used at the start of the session – ex my club 5-iron fore-golf recommended club 7-iron with an easier swing.

He’s a fitter and worked as so on the PGA for 8years. There is a lovely friendly atmosphere and adjudting are made very welcome.

SLDR face angle chart???

Had a great day yesterday with the lads and lady the way we got treated the second we walked in the door was unbelievable was booked in for an hour and definitely got what I needed the stats on the trackman was brilliant to see and left with a new driver and rescue can’t wait for them to arrive in a few weeks thanks again lads and lady can’t recommend ye enough.

After testing various drivers and hybrids, with no discernible difference, David’s advice was pretty much “leave well enough alone”, and so I will continue to play the current clubs for a while longer. My experience from the first contact I had through reception with Christine and Derick was very welcoming.


Thanks for everything Declan Hannon.

Pages with related products. During the session my own 7iron had the lie adjusted and there was an instant improvement in consistency and grouping of shots. A pleasure to meet with and talk to Don, Aaron and then David. Ann J Hynes T Great welcome, good chat with Don the clubmaker and his assistant Aaron before I went out xldr had a good luck at the workshop which was like all the tour buses rolled into one. You could spend the day talking to him!

SLDR Driver: If I adjust the loft sleeve setting, does it change anything else? | ForeGolf

The entire experience is well worth the money and the change that the fitting has made in my golf game is noticeable. I wish you continued success. Foregolf is just a must for anyone who is serious about their game. I am just disappointed with myself I didnt come here sooner. Yesterday, I had my fourth visit to ForeGolf. Highly recommend to anybody who seriously wants to improve their game.

If not, please start a new topic. It’s all in front of you, no big mystery to it.

SLDR Tuning Guide (AUS/NZ)

I can’t wait to take it out on the course. Add to that the warm welcome and the commitment to qualtiy and you have a first class service. Absolutely great experience from start to finish.

He is excellent and really knows his xdjusting, encouraging feedback and questions, breaking down this data into a very digestible format and is also open to general chat, adding to the relaxed setting.

Even if you don’t buy anything it’s an amazing experience. Now this is where it gets very interesting as when it came to the DRIVER i was simply told that because i was hitting my newly recommended 3-wood yards and also because I’m only back playing a few months that I didn’t require a driver at the moment as the fore golf team had told me to simply practice away for 6-months work on my driver swing and come back in the summer for a free session to see if I xdjusting need one.


The fitting with Dave was fun as always. Derek and all the adjuxting make you feel so welcome.

With the latest version of Trackman giving you a whole host of stats it really opened my eyes as to how much of a difference the correct set up can make to your game. The facilitites at Killeeb Castle are first class. What to be a better golfer?

The place is like a Willy Wonka factory for golfers. I’m absolutely delighted with the clubs, and feel like I can’t wait two weeks to get my hands on the full set.

SLDR Driver: If I adjust the loft sleeve setting, does it change anything else?

I ssldr confident my handicap is going to fall now after my fitting and receiving my new clubs. If someone has it will you please post here?

Why Foregolf is the perfect fit?