Other issue in this brand new Dell Vista Business laptop is that it will not let me load Java. A recovery will normally wipe the machine to the state it was in when you purchased it. I am having this issue on an acer with an Atheros arG. Each test case can take hours since it fails after some minutes to hours and then you have to restart the machine. Tuesday, October 9, 7: Id change it and then it would connect but to fix it I had to delete my connection from the list and use the Check for connections icon in the taskbar and run the setup.

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They also aren’t doing anything pro-actively to fix these issues or at least they are keeping a very low profile and still failing to solve the issues. On Security setup page, in the Internet filter section, uncheck “Filter Multicast”.

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Sunday, September 9, Resources for IT Professionals. I got the same informational event with RC2: Believe me, it keeps you sane. Saturday, May 26, 2: I cant vita back to XP. Good luck to all on solving this problem. Wednesday, January 31, 9: Layer2 Security Initialize Status: Thursday, July 26, Having studied this thread, and similar threads on other forums discussing the same problem and wasted countless hoursI am now convinced that the problem is purely and simply an encryption system aurties.


I hope this helps someone else.

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Monday, September 10, 8: If i disable WPA security on the router it connects no problem. Sunday, June 17, 1: The only thing I can think of is that Belkin my old router was not tested against Vista.

2000 in Vista there isn’t a good driver from Intel and I cannot find the custom Intel connection tool, so I can’t connect to my router. Double check if that will help you.

I found out more information about the wireless connection at work, it is WPA off of a radius server and it works just fine for windows xp, but not for vista. Let’s see if MS address this. The PSP and Laptop are both wireless From start it only worked with WEP or airtiew security.

Saturday, February 10, I’m glad I found this thread, so I can stop being frustrated and stop having these feelings of Computer-Directed Aggression, I know now that it’s just not going to work.


My router doesn’t support wpa2 so that is not an option.

Wednesday, February 21, 1: We have also installed a USB wireless card to same effect. Other issue airtkes this brand new Dell Vista Business laptop is that it will not let me load Java. I actually think they posted this just a few days ago because I’ve been checking.

That has been my intention from the beginning, but I thought Vista deserved a fair chance. Vista and WPApersonal seem to be the common cause. I have mine set to WEP and it connects.

Friday, December 7, 2: Friday, June 15, 8: I have never had an issue connecting – but if connected wirelessly the connection drops repeatedly and will only reconnect after system has been rebooted.