The charger has two slots which can be populated with the Site Master battery removed from the instrument and the spare battery. These files will be under the Library tab on the associated product page under the Drivers, Software Downloads heading. The Polyphaser would be transparent to the antenna sweeps response. After the program is downloaded and unzipped, there should be three files present: Yes, Handheld Software Tools 6.

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It kind of looks like a “DX”. Be sure to read these important notices before operating the equipment.

Anritsu anritsusensors Meter,Sensor – Serial Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

Drivers, Software Downloads exe Back to Previous Menu. You should contact our Customer Service Department for more help. Yes, you can use Handheld Code Loader to upgrade your software to the latest version applicable to your model.

Optical and High-Speed Devices. Test and Measurement Support Downloads. Instruction Sheet ahritsu Microwave Components and Device Characterization. The Polyphaser would be transparent to the antenna sweeps response.

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Srrial is not a a DX symbol, what you may bear seeing is the error message for Integrator Failure. It is important to note that the adapter can not be used to communicate with the Handheld Code Loader software and can only be used to communicate with the Anritsu Handheld Software Tools Version 6. Drivers, Software Downloads xls The MLA series of power meters are designed for CW applications, offering a combination of accuracy, speed, and flexibility in a low cost package.


The MLA series has the performance required for narrow fast rising-edge pulse power measurements e. The batteries will be charged sequentially. Click on “Open a Database” and then click on “OK”. I choose yes and the program acts like it has upgraded them and asks me to reboot. My SC will not allow me to set the F2 upper frequency to 2.

If using a ‘B’ or ‘C’ model, raising the data point resolution tp almost double the distance. Drivers, Software Downloads zip 1.

Installation Guide pdf 1. Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Srrial Internet of Things. If this is really what is happening then your Site Master may have been damaged by excessive RF or ESD being applied to the test port most common cause. Will a Polyphaser alter the return loss of an antenna sweep? After saving a sweep in the Site Master, how can we change the resolution from to points without re-sweeping the coax hard line?


Operations Manual pdf 2. See the software tools pages for details. Display records 1 at a time or display all depending on the version of HHST you are using.

The aim of this guide is to familiarise you with the basic features anrisu capabilities of the Anritsu MLA Series Power Meter by the use of working examples. Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms of Use. How well do you want to know the distance and loss of your system elements? Corporate Information Message from the President. Drivers Software Downloads exe 7.