Comment 12 Mike A. ATi heeft nu nieuwe drivers uitgebracht waarmee de kaart. Comment 19 Mark Heslep Description Dan Williams Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard.

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NVIDIA, ATi Bring Five OpenGL Workstation Graphics for PCI Express to Market

sex I do have a “hacked” radeon driver that recognizes the new pci id and it does go all the way through the process of init’ing both heads, but no video output.

I click on the link and nothing downloads.

When using the distance measuring functionality on a section view, white points remain. Or are there just newer drivers?

Option “monitorlayout” “crt, crt” instead. Maya tends to be the one to catch out less well-designed drivers. Agi drivers for ati firegl x1. When displaying shading with the perspective method, the parts placed back are shown. MB of Installing the Software Drivers. XFree86 Show other bugs. A pop-up menu may remain. Arrows or comments may not be shown in DR. We have not tried the Allen’s extra config option on this driver yet though.


Comment 7 Mark Heslep d1 In what cases are you finding the FireGL slower? Discover the magic of the Internet.

HP workstation, but their support site didn’t have any drivers for it beyond XP. Attempts to download the older drivers from the ATI website end fruitlessly: I started secc test a simple software with just plain tri strips and triangles and found a horrible low performance compared to my GForce 3 and GForce 4 Ok.

Roll the fix into the installation images? Option “monitorlayout” “tdms, tdms” in the device section of your config file. For the file that contains a large volume of data, when adding interference to another part moving a partthe system ends with an application error.

Of course, if I’m reading the driver’s wiki correctly, this driver is too new.

I have just confirmed other results on better HW and on other data sets. When displaying hidden line removal, part of an edge line may disappear.


This is the only suggestion I have not made so far.

You might have tried it? I get the same result: Comment 1 Dan Williams This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it.

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They seem to run great on my pro. Can anubody explain this. The part placed back may be selected instead of the part picked. Is that Firevl in there or something similar. A large data size of part annotation causes a little flicker.