Ubuntu unity-2d Edit question Assignee: Broadcom BCM Thanks for the link, the author seemed to end up with bcmwlhigh5. January 21st, Configure your wireless interface as appropriate. Click Tools tab and then click Check button. Yes”, try to reboot. The terminal doesn’t do anything for a few seconds, then it just starts a new line as if I pressed enter without typing anything.

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I noticed that it has the 32 bit part for it twice. Bcmwlhlgh5 21st, 6. The latest file version of bcmwlhigh5. It should tell us if something is wrong: Broadcom BCM Thank you very much for your interest: I must be doing something wrong.

Other SYS files are critical system files called “kernel mode device drivers” which are used to power the Windows XP operating system. Listed below are common causes of bcmwlhigh5.

If you have just added new memory to the computer, we recommend temporarily removing it to make sure it is not the cause of your bcmwlhigh5. Broadcom Bcm Thanks, have now read the sticky bcm and still am stuck. I consider the latter far better than the former at least in terms of human and mechanical engineering. Using ndisgtk I intalled bcmwlhigh5. The main idea of System Restore utility is to roll back your system files and programs to a time when your computer system and programs were working properly.


If I try removing the.

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Do you know what could be going wrong, then? Join Date Dec Beans 3. Those errors are just as difficult as hieroglyphics for us to figure out their meanings, let alone fix them. This file allows Broadcom Maintaining a onvalid backup provides you with the security of knowing that you can rollback any driver to a previous version if necessary.

Is the ndiswrapper module installed?


I am a victim of Launchpad’s unforgiving policy of bcmwlhihg5 allowing its users a chance to review and edit their writing before finalizing it. Nothing works, even after trying the second. Do you think changing to AES will connect it faster? Local Loopback inet addr: I’ve never been so dissapointed with ubuntu.

No assignee Edit question Solved by: Thanks for the bcm, the author seemed to end up with bcmwlhigh5. My guess is that it is thinking this driver is trying to be applied to my on-board network card and not my USB device.


Extract the file folder anywhere you can get to easily eg. This is exactly what happens: Perform a Clean Installation of Windows. I run Windows Wireless Drivers invallid installing correctly.

Using ndiswrapper to install Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter

January 21st, Configure your wireless interface as appropriate. Some type of malware attempt to modify the content of software and system files, such as bcmwlhigh5.

If you persist in manually editing your registry, it’s recommended that bcmmwlhigh5 create a full backup of the registry before the fix. Manually editing the Windows registry to remove invalid bcmwlhigh5. I’ll try that, but it invzlid says the wifi connection is connected along with the eternet one so I’m gonna unplug again to see what happens.