Clicking [Clear] aborts all settings input up to this point. Whenchanging the setting for each item, ask the network administrator. V AppendixChapter 9 AppendixThis appendix contains product specifications for the network scanner. When you touch [ ] or [ ] the cursor moves to the left and right. When destinations are manually input, up to destinations can be set, including destinations selected from theLDAP server.

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Set the document on the copier RADF or the platen glass. Inputting Text] Page Device Setup] key on the [Network setting] screen. Registering Destinations] 7Touch the [OK] key. Divided mail messages are combined using the bbizhub software on the receiving side. Use [] and [] to switch the screen.

Then, touch the[OK] key or input the password up to 8 digits using the ten-keys. Be sure to wait at least 10 seconds after turning offthe main power switch before you turn the copier back on. Should you wish to disable NetWare, deselect the option box. Use gizhub cable of at least Category 5. The time it takes to print the first page, including printer warm-up, if applicable.

E-Mail Extended ConfigThis sets functions related to reception and disposition notifications for E-mail when the Internet fax is in use.


Konica Minolta Bizhub Toner Cartridges

Enter addressEnter an E-mail address at [Data Input] screen. When you touch [ ] or [ ] the cursor moves to the left and right. Up to 26 alphanumerics can be input for the file name.

The Key operator password is set by your service representative. The Web Utility may be inaccessible when proxy is set on the Web browser. Selecting the Destination5Select the group registered from [A-] – [No.

Benefits Easy Printing Even When Away on a Business Trip Those printers available for printing will be automatically detected and konica bishub bizhub them the one which best suits your specific needs will be selected.

IV Scanner Key Operator Administrators onlyThis section explains bjzhub contents of the scanner function settings that can be made withkey operator mode on the copier. Set each setting item to match the environment of the network to which the copier is connected. Network Setup ListThis explains the settings required when connecting the copier to the network.

The IP address is normally allocafed by gizhub system administrator. The Konica Minolta bizhub is fast konica minolta bizhub mminolta with the bizhug to copy and Are konica minolta bizhub in Europe? This password is a key operator password. Page 8 Using of this Manual To access the E-Mail Extended Configuration page, follow these steps: If the hard disk option is connected, box related items are displayed, while PC SMB related items are displayed onpage 2.


Touch the [anonymous] key for logging onto an FTP server that does not require an account. Setting the Vizhub Number to will allow the system to automatically set the number. There are two methods 722 selecting a destinations: Up to 31 alphanumerics and symbols can be input as the [Password]. Once the UPD is installed konica minolta bizhub will be able to select a printer by network search, history, or by manual connection, and start printing right away even while out of the office and even from printers from other vendors.

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Scanning DocumentsChecking settingsThis checks a list of the set functions. Using of this Bizhb Touch the [] or [] key to switch to the input character type screen. Selecting the DestinationSelecting the destination from destinations already registeredFor details on registering a box, refer to [