Feb 5, 2: It also behaves intermittantly. All replies Drop Down menu. Ask a question Reset. Eitherway, this does seem to be a driver issue. I tried all the above fixes and no joy:

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Tried the latest one from apple via the update also with zero joy. The hatter The hatter. Mar 5, 3: I got the broadcomm driver to work by running the boot camp 3. It has been dropping the braodcom for about 6 months. I upgraded to Snow leopard hoping it would update something, but it still would not come on. Feb 5, 2: I also upgraded to Windows 7 hoping it would update drivers. What was finally successful for me what to go to my broaecom macbook pro discs and run this I can’t work out how it would effect OSX though.

I have Windows 7, Bootcamp 3. Other than that step, I did everything exactly the same as described above, and for some reason the WLAN driver decided to start working again.


[HP] Broadcom BCM43XX Wireless LAN Driver for WinXP, Vista, Win7, Ver.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Christine Dattilo1 Christine Dattilo1. It may work fine for a few hours or a few minutes or seconds and then suddently it craps out with a yellow triangle and black exclamation mark on the tray icon. bcm43dx


On the other hand if you install drivers from the DVDs that came with the boadcom I get those three plus the wireless driver and things work beautifully. I’ve spent two days trying to fix this on a brand new MBP and was about to launch it out of the window.

I followed the same steps you did with the compatibility-run of the BootCamp drivers off of the Apple disc and then updating to 3. I did some checking on Google, but I did not have any luck in finding a version that will work.

I tried all the above fixes and no joy: Jan 26, 2: But considering I selected it from Boot Camp, that seems a bit strange. I then took the following steps: I don’t know if this helped or not but alone did not get me airport connectivity. Feb 24, 4: After attempting to install the driver, it remains an error mark in Device Manager with the following message: All replies Drop Down menu. The machine is mainly used in bootcamp running Vista.


I did have to use a compatibility tweak and run as Admin to install Boot Camp 3. May 11, 4: Hope you have the patience and time to try this for a fix.

Broadcom BCM43XX Driver Win7/8/10 | Wireless Drivers

So apparently using the driver installs from the Snow Leopard and bootcamp upgrades don’t do the trick. It was working fine a couple weeks ago, but I lost the wireless driver a couple days ago on BootCamp, and decided to do a fresh install to see if that would work.

I eventually gave up and installed XP 32 bit. This was done because I need a particular application at work that requires Windows to run. Forgot to mention that the speed in the status is 5.