Sebastian suggested the patch, and others helped a lot. Yea I saw the same issue on Gigabits ethernet. Guy, Broadcom has a new patch [1] that need to test. Download full text 5. Any fix to this bug? With my old “fast ethernet” switch, the problem alwasy happens.

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Currently I’m on vacation, and will not be able to test it until about March 5 2 weeks from now. It kicks in when performing large backups to an external hard drive, and when copying large video files to a SD card attached with a USB adapter.

Thank you for your valuable finding. Thanks, Paulo On Feb 12, 3: It’s really a pain for me.

drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/tg3.c – kernel/common – Git at Google

Jorge Joaquim Gomes Silva jorgej wrote on Maybe I’m missing something, because I don’t know the details of the bug hunting process for Ubuntu. Will check which one was exactly before reporting almost sure it was the one for xenial. Download full text 6.

Below is a simple patch to the tigon device driver if you prefer not to use the udev rule solution. Not even a single crash was observed. I have tested a few kernels and patches in the last weeks, and have broaadcom one combination that does solve the issue.


You will have a fully working ethernet connection. The bandwidth use doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore, but now it disconnects with heavy data transfer to USB.

What does “Tigon3” mean?

Fog is an open-source cloning tool. The kernel was compiled in Bionic, so it has wrong dependency on Xenial. On Fri, Apr 13, Could you please report this problem to the appropriate mailing list netdev by following the instructions verbatim at https: Sebastian suggested the patch, and others helped a lot.

Changed in linux Ubuntu: I wonder when this will be merged in the main kernel. Would it be possible for you to test the latest upstream kernel? tigin3

[ubuntu] Broadcom NetXtreme BCM not working

There was immediately the crash after some transmission. It’s lurking anywhere between the binary blob the firmwarethe kernel driver, the hardware or any tricky combination of these. FTTH browdcom here, no ethernet connection after highload speedtest or you tubelike others users i had to reboot. I tested the issue with kernel 2. Tigo3 booting with irqpoll, the connection still drops but module can be reloaded and mouse isn’t jerky.


Please try it out. Hello, I am still having this bug. Hello, I have seen the exactly same issue, with the exactly same hardware you have: Hence, the “if” condition fails and the body is not executed. This can be done with something like: First please file an upstream bug at https: Hello, this thread has a brladcom that solved the bug for me.

Hi, the commit 3abb04af6 03a46ebde 0b2ded1 mentioned in 54 has been integrated to my current customized RHEL CentOS -7 for a certain time. For me, the problem I’m having is the same as we are discussing in this thread.

I think we’ve found the smoking gun.