This means there’s a ton of forgiveness in this game-improvement set, even though it has a conventional shape. Razr Fit Xtreme 3. Really forgiving but now she’s too low launching and low spinning. Better players who really want to get a gist of what forged irons are supposed to look, feel and perform like. I don’t know if there are any Bridgestone reps near you, but I was in a similar search recently and decided on the J40 irons. I was actually playing on my dad’s AP2’s for a while when I was around a 6 just because they were more like “players” clubs than the x18s. I’ve narrowed down my options to the ping G20, the cobra AMP and the callaway razr x black and i’d like to know if anyone

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The CG16 Tours are a solid club. Every time I buy a club I feel this way. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This was just about which irons allowed me to hit the targets.


Search Advanced Search section: Kua 59 stiff 3 Callaway Big Bertha Definitely more rounds in those than the Tours, but I still feel like the Tours are a better fit than the Black. I was surprised at the similarity in distances.

What golf driver should i get, ping G20, cobra AMP or callaway razr x black?

Thanks for the advice. Today’s new irons are better than ever, with several v and very forgiving models to choose from. The Callaway rep came through the local Golfsmith last month, and two of the shop’s clubfitters really liked these irons. Which brings us to….

This unique design helps enhance the sweet spot and reduces drag in the rough or sand, keeping the clubface square through the shot. That seemed to be the one constant. Whoa Nellie 6 years ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Fall colors pre peak.

Only owned 3 in cobta short time playing this game. Cleveland launcher 5. Gotta stick with what I’ve played Several functions may not work.

[Razr X MB] vs [X Forged] vs [TA X-Protos] – Equipment – GolfWRX

Hence, you have a very forgiving iron that’s very long to boot. Ice 6 years ago. So what do they do? Cleveland Classic – Still regret not keeping it, the softest clubface ever. My dilemma is this: I20 was with a few odd ball drives added in. So practice your spine angle and see what angle is easiest for you to retain.


Cobra Amp Cell 5. What a relevent article for me. Mid- to low-handicappers who want a player’s iron with loads of forgiveness. I currently use the mbs in 7-pw and the x forged in iron.

Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

Ping K12 small sample size 2A. Taylormade Burner bubble shaft. This was especially true with the 7i.

Cleveland Launcher DST 5.