Email Required, but never shown. Chandru 1, 10 Inspired by Beni’s answer, this will read the EDID data using xrandr and extract the monitors names according to the EDID specification , with no need of any external tools like parse-edid: Those names are what I expected. I plugged both monitors intot the computer, computer did not detect the Lenovo monitor nothing in Control Panel, devices. I could leave the monitors on, but TeamViewer’s “blank screen” feature doesn’t work realiably for me.

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Is there anyway to access the other options? Diego Torres Milano Return to VirtualBox on Linux Hosts. What do you mean under the first step – clean monitor cable? If the computer xebian having video issues, remove the previous monitor from device manager.

Where can I get monitor drivers?

Thanks for the tip that finally worked!!! So my solution to the issue was to use a custom EDID file.

When the operating system detects a new monitor, the previous monitor may be listed in the Device Manager. This is great for detecting which monitor is hooked up to what connector. On this monitor the resulting LUT is stored in the monitor itself.


Uses awk to precisely extract the monitor name onlyand no extra garbage from the EDID, hence “magic numbers” like fc0026 and 0a. I know about xrandr. I think this means that the monitor isn’t sending EDID information, or that it’s sending it in a form that the OS doesn’t understand so it could be an OS bug, but that’s unlikely if you have the problem both under Windows and Linux. I just purchased Lenovo L24q monitor.

This set up works perfectly most nonitor the I know its too late to answer but this solution is relevant today. Those names are what I expected. What I want is to read all monitor names in an array to work with them.

Have same issue on a laptop which doesn’t have Hyper-V enabled. Removing the –short option gives more detailed information.

It will have the options Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, Show only on 1 and Show only on 2. Message 2 of 4.

The only thing I can think You can also get this information by logging your X start: Any ideas or suggestions? I have noticed, that the EDID information of a laptop computer may not have a monitor name for the integrated display, but it may have some brand name and part name declared there anyway.

There are many other ways to achieve this Refer to this question As for applying the EDID, this is how I did it may only work for Nvidia graphics cards with a xorg. I just completed installing Windows 7 Ultimate x Sign up using Email and Password. The monitor was never php not even shown in device managerand the downloaded driver file had no. Using the Intel Driver Utility intel.


Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. See our Sustainability Report. If you don’t want to try repairing the cable, soldering skills are required, you can probably order a replacement cable from The Panda City, the official US distributor of Yiynova products.

Debian — Details of package lm-sensors in stretch

I suspect that the root cause of the issue is not TeamViewer, but rather the remote PC is somehow “detecting” a remote connection and only presenting a single virtual monitor to TeamViewer similar to how native Windows Remote Desktop Connections work with dual monitorsso TeamViewer only “sees” debiann single monitor.

Computer monitor help and support. I downloaded the Intel driver updater tool http: