Gamer Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: You can add that to Nvidias driver record. And there, of course, is a major point. This Product is provided courtesy of,. All tests were ran at base level boost. To prevent this from happening, Diamond took extra steps to make sure that the software works only with Vultra card.

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When whistler comes out you can bet that Nvidia will have better TNT drivers than 3dfx will have V3 drivers at the release date.

Diamond isn’t any better off now that 3dfx has left their Voodoo3 wishes unfulfilled.

Reconfiguring the card to work at normal speed might have to be done to each profile. Final reality, 3d Mark99 Max. Diamond’s primary goal here is to make sure that they aren’t any worse off without the backing of 3dfx’s high powered chips. Why would a feature like that be provided and not a standard clock for all programs?

Diamond Viper V graphics card – TNT2 – 32 MB Overview – CNET

And there, of course, is a major point. May 5, Posts: Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. Sun Dec 10, 3: The combination of those two factors placed the Viper V at the top of everyone’s wish list, simply because it was beyond the fastest thing the market had ever seen. Game-2 Not much noticable difference in Picture production compared to the reference picture. Plus 3dfx’s drivers and hardware are rock solid and really compatible.


Or would it just be another TNT2 ultra card out there?? However, since TV-out and digital panel ports are not really sought after items in the local context, it makes no difference to making a decision on whether to throw in a couple of hundred dollars to get this baby. Diamond obviously realised that one might try to use their software on another manufactuer’s card.

Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures:. In general, however, the cards are comperable. Meanwhile, the results were captured below with some screen captures.

The Legend of Diamond Multimedia has continued and they have produced yet another card with astonishing performance. Well, there are pros and cons Before I carry on, let’s look at the core and memory clock of the 5 different boost levels. Performance difference on DiamondV ultra matched with Voodoo3 [ Click to enlarge ].

Diamond Viper V TNT 2 Ultra Vs Voodoo 3 – Ars Technica OpenForum

Frequent Beta driver updates. Still a good buy, it’s main attraction will be that, it’s a Diamond Product, and because of it’s ease of use.

When diamond V came out into the market, there were not much competitors to compare it with. The inclusion of InControls 99 means that one can easily overclock a TNT2 card without fiddling with messy jumpers or dip switches or whatever.


File:Diamond Viper V770 Ultra Rev C.jpg

Bundled with diamond’s InControls 00 software, configuration is easy and straight forward. However, one problem you might face in the long run is that when you have too many games and applications installed, it might seem confusing to have so many profiles, one for each.

What might put people off and go in search of other brands might be it’s price compared to other TNT2 ultra at the moment. Jun 6, Posts: Diamond isn’t any better off now that 3dfx has left their Voodoo3 wishes unfulfilled, Diamond’s primary goal here is to make sure that they aren’t any worse off without the backing of 3dfx’s high powered chips.

This seems to be the case over all TNT2’s, compared to the ZX chipset which could churn out faster frame rates in 2D. This obviously puts a lot of pressure on NVidia to vuper, and ultimately inspired NVidia to drop the originally speculated clock speed of the TNT2 Ultra down to MHz for the core frequency and MHz for the memory frequency.

If not, I’d keep the V3.