Or to at least attempt to make it usable. Issue Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I hope this will bring cool music with it. PPJoy is a parallel port joystick driver, but it also lets you create virtual joysticks. Is that what’s happening here? Per site policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please don’t make more of them.

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So, I sort of understand the whole keyboard as midi-controller thing. Sat Dec 29, 1: Paths to files in single or double quotes, written as “files: I know a few. I would like to hear some kind of example though. Digital Blue controkler to be the online distribution partner for the Mixman DM 2 and they still provide the CD image as a download, though how long that will last is anyone’s guess.

Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites! Anyway, a number of updates have appeared since adding both fixes and new features but a further update — v.

Previous topic Next topic. Issue Lines and paragraphs break automatically. July 22, 9: PPJoy is a parallel port joystick driver, but it also lets you create virtual joysticks. Page 1 of 1. Filtered words will be replaced with the filtered version cobtroller the word.


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I hope this will bring cool music with it. Of course, the other element is the price….

I’m not sure all these buttons actually work; I think that it will be necessary to create another device and map some of the buttons to that device in order dk2 pick them all up. No, scratching is still something you rm2 need a turntable for. The events are generated on the MIDI device of your choice. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Is anyone else compeltely baffled by this post?

Is that what’s happening here? Since Final Scratch now uses Traktor for its softwarepitch shifting is all there. Given just how many parameters there are to control, then you cotnroller need an external controller with lots of knobs if you wanted to get serious about it….

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I am using one of these to control Traktor, and it works great. Cojtroller Nov 05, PPJoy is only showing 16 buttons for my virtual joystick device. Watch the demo video, check out the original DM2 reviewthen hit the App Store download button to find out more…. I’ve not got much experience with midi and want to use just the DM2’s crossfader, launch buttons and ring.


Otherwise this axis will end up reversed. It’s just simple rubber coated contact switches in an attractive casing – But it’s still lightwight and can make an interesting conversation piece at your next gig. In summary, it is moderately complicated but completely possible to turn the Mixman DM 2 into a game controller.

This will go a long way to solving that look on the face of the person who bought me one of those last Christmas only to see it collect dust. I’ve downloaded hubi’s loopback device, the xp updates for the DM2 and the Dm2midi software.

Mixman DM2

Support for Audiobus 3 has also been added. You can control almost any parameter within the app via external control….

Can a beginner like me utilise the Dm2 easily enough???