An effort was then started to quickly produce an interim supersonic design to replace the various subsonic interceptors then in service, and the F airframe was selected as a starting point. The new Voodoo mock-up with the reconfigured inlets, tail surfaces, landing gear, and dummy nuclear weapon was inspected by Air Force officials in March The intake is used to cool the drag chute compartment and eliminates the 5-minute limit on using the afterburners on the A model. The sim techs usually talked to the pilots and RIOs Scope Wizards as they critiqued the sim after each mission; sadly, the spare-parts situation for the sim caused problems. Despite SAC’s loss of interest, the aircraft attracted the attention of Tactical Air Command TAC , and the F was reconfigured as a fighter bomber , intended to carry a single nuclear weapon for use against tactical targets such as airfields. The FB entered service in

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List of surviving McDonnell F Voodoos.

US examples were handed off to the Air National Guard where they served until On the return leg, Klatt set an east-west record of 3 hours 34 minutes 8. The error was on my part Editorrather than Robert F.

They were gradually withdrawn from service starting in Some were further upgraded under the Mod program with automatic control for the cameras.

The j57 was the and is still the best twin spool engine that Pratt-Whitney ever produce.


It just started and will take a while but lets hope it happens. Haynes Publishing Group, You can PM me or check our my website. These served with the Air National Guard through An effort was then started to quickly produce an interim supersonic design to editol the various subsonic interceptors then in service, and the F airframe was selected as a starting point.


Air Force Association, edition. The 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron was stationed at Woodbridge, while the 91st and 92nd were stationed at Bentwaters. The F was redesignated the F Voodoo in November While theoretically capable of carrying conventional bombs, rockets, or Falcon air-to-air missiles[19] the Voodoo never used such weapons operationally.

Otherwise, FA and FC were interchangeable. If you end the current chat session, you will lose the chat logs.

McDonnell F Voodoo – Wikipedia

The FA, enjoyed a brief career as a one-way, single-mission atomic bomber, powered by JPs. Green, William and Gordon Swanborough. This became the only Voodoo to see combat in American hands.

There are five voodoos on display that I know of in Canada.

The 81st Tactical Fighter Wing there was commanded in the early s by air ace Colonel later, Brigadier General Robin Olds, who took the audacious step of forming a Voodoo flight demonstration team in the manner of the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.

InMcDonnell began design work to meet a U.

Edirol Fa-101 10 X 10 FireWire Audio Interface

Despite being a monumental challenge to its pilot, it was a superlative aircraft and very much a product of the tensions and the atomic planning of the Cold War. ADWC had a great fleet of vintage aircraft then: Dorr, Warbirds News staff writer, is an author sincean Air Force veteran and a retired U.


Crews never trained with conventional bombs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. McDonnell test pilot Robert C. This required extensive modifications to add a large radar to the nose of the aircraft, a second crewmember to operate it, and a new weapons bay using a rotating door that kept its four AIM-4 Falcon missiles or two AIR-2 Genie rockets hidden within the airframe until it was time to be fired.

Delays in the interceptor project led to demands for an interim interceptor aircraft design, a role that was eventually won by the B model of the Voodoo.

“Flying the Barrel:” Explaining the F Voodoo

You have this item? Army Air-Force to s. Jane’s American Fighting Aircraft of the edorol Century. The end of the war in Korea and the development of the jet-powered Edirlo B Stratofortress negated the need for fighter escort and Strategic Air Command withdrew from the program. Did you ever get a chance to talk to FB pilots and RIOs and ask them how the FB Simulator was compared to actually flying in the front seat and the back seat?