In the meantime a giant file dpi for 36 x 36 inches in Adobe PageMaker took 57 minutes to RIP in “disk” mode which is supposed to be the fastest. The EFI PS driver got removed in resurrecting my hard drive at a computer repair shop something that was long overdue and by no means a result of specifically loading the EFI drivers, though I did have to add the EFI trashing to the list of jobs the computer company was asked to repair. At first I thought my problems in understanding the manual were because my copy was written in solid German. My original EFI was essentially totally useless, it could not even be upgraded from running an Encad to running any other brand of printer. It took about 2 years, but at last people finally got the message that there were no advantages to hardware RIP whatsoever. Fiery proServer and Fiery XF. EFI clearly says it is not responsible for providing technical assistance.

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But since I still use the Encad NovaJetPro we are evaluating how long it holds up; going strong after several years, a good efl for Encad. If end-users would realize that there is no such thing as hardware RIP, that it is all just a CD-ROM driver pre-loaded into a dedicated closed computer, this would solve most of the misunderstanding.

See professional services, online training, and certification options. Shop Floor Data Collection.

Innovative Fiery digital printing solution and workflow software help you get more from your printer. Optitex Textile 3D Design. You are downloading trial software. Yet I was able to get only 4-pass printing.


Manage all your printers from a single screen using this intuitive print job management interface. The EFI Fiery screen is the miniature size you get with a normal laser printer. I distinguish between what the company actually claims in print and what a sales rep might be tempted to claim in the heat of attempting to close a deal; this is entirely hypothetical, but e-mails to me lead me to suspect that the average buyer ignores reality and attempts to get full-speed and full-dpi simultaneously.

Error 0x00000002 installing PS EFI Fiery driver

News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. Now there is a px investment if I ever saw one. I naturally first ef to print directly from Photoshop; I must have not loaded something correctly because the print function refused to accept the full size, said the image foery be clipped, and indeed clipped away most of my image. Fiery Digital Print Servers. See which Fiery digital front end is right for your current or future print engines and business needs. The slow and careful working of the mini-internal RIP on the and overshadow the fact that the printer itself prints more than fast enough.

Since PageMaker can arrange only up to 42 inches QuarkXpress is not much bettermost people send their larger images directly from Photoshop. But edi ever got resolved. EFI is a well known company; the people that run it are experts in their field. The Fiery Downloader box blinks irritatingly every minute on your computer monitor; this is needless and is a pain in every sense.

Furthermore, installing the wrong EFI drivers can make these problems even worse. Actually most Epson printers work perfectly well without a RIP whatsoever. Yet almost all the better software RIPs will run two or three different wide format printers, and all simultaneously!


Explore Fiery Wide Format products for production, proof, photo, fier and ceramic tile printing. But this is before I had the chance to use a software RIP and have true product comparison. Which RIP produced the awful, sad, efo useless image at the left? Since the speed and the quality controls may be buried within the software the printer only just arrived recentlyit is possible that my opinion of the Fiery will improve with time it only just arrived a few weeks ago.

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Fiwry in my German office I use only an internal network via a mini-hub I did not have to load the network software which was good, since it refused to load in any event. Once I got the Fiery to work it seemed to be slow.

Another advantage is that thousands are in use worldwide so you can always find someone who has one to give you a few tips. Observations on the Fiery user’s instruction manual.

Error 0x installing PS EFI Fiery driver

Yes you can do text in Photoshop, but it is rudimentary, albeit you can do better decoration of pss text with shadows than you can in PageMaker.

This was largely because they claimed there was an English manual on the Fiery CD.

It is only the RIP speed that was slow. Most recently updated November 30, Choosing printer in Mac Chooser options: