Power up the system and insert the TouchTools CD. If this is the case, click Next and proceed to the next screen. If the user touches the screen and continues to touch, a right click is generated on the screen if the user remains within the Right click area and after the Right click delay time-out has occurred. By double clicking the Elo icon in the Windows task bar at the bottom right of the display. Target locations for every monitor can be defined in a configuration file, EloTarget. This feature applies to IR Serial only.

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Touch functionality may be touchsysrems and easily disabled using the Tool Tray icon. Double-click the file on the desktop. Uninstalling Elo Touchscreen Driver. Click Yes to indicate that you have read and accept the license agreement terms.

The frequency Tone and the Duration of the beep can be adjusted by moving the appropriate slider in this tab with the touchscreen or mouse, or touchssystems using the keyboard arrow keys.

I believe the devicepath is rather generic, but if it doesn’t work, search for input. Enable right click on hold: Defines the right click delay value in milliseconds.

EloTouch Solution | Support | Driver Download

The drivers allow operation of the touch-screen over either USB or serial port. Mouse Button Emulation Mode.


Press the Esc key on the keyboard to terminate or skip calibration for any monitor, or allow the program to time out as indicated by the progress bar reaching maximum. Click Alr For Windows Vista, if “Cannot create output file” is displayed, close the message box, then right-click the file and select Run as Administrator. This example comes from a screen test on a laptop that is configured gouchsystems the external graphics device is on X screen 1 note the screenNo option rather than the default screen 0.

If you choose not to run this program now, you can run it from the Elo Control Panel application. Number of seconds toucheystems displaying or logging an error message after a beam failure is detected.

Elo TouchSystems: Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)

Use this tab to configure the sound characteristics of the beeper similar to the “Sound” tab on the main page. The software displays the current sensitivity setting. If checked, the current values are set to all touchscreens when “Apply” or “Ok” button is clicked.

During setup a checkbox may be selected to run the alignment program automatically after setup is completed. Select all the ones that you are going to use.


Unusual multiple monitor combinations may create an expanded Windows desktop that is not recognized by the touchssytems video resolutions built into the EloVA program.

Touch targets to complete the calibration. You’ll have to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Elo TouchSystems Driver User Manual

Target Locations on the Screen. Touchscreen properties are identified in the control panel Properties tab.

Disabling touch has no effect on the operation of the standard mouse. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Calibration Manual calibration is required. The files will install.

Xorg evdev

You’ll probably have to modify the values for minx, maxx, miny, maxy to adjust calibration. Each Properties page also contains an Advanced touchxystems. Follow the same procedure for all 3 targets as they appear. Adjusts the tone of the touch beep. Use the drop-down to change, if needed.

Page History Login to edit. Right Click on Hold. In this case, the device is a serial touch-screen connected via a serial-to-USB converter.