It stops at the bootscreen while the. I changed it to “enabled” and reboot but I still can’t see the device on Device Manager. The time now is You’re perfect, yes it’s true I’m selling some stuff! Obviouslly there will be some like JEMM games and their ilk but most games should work fine.

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Sometimes going all the way is just a start This is really driving me crazy! Thank you all for trying to help me solve my dilemma! No ess in pure DOS. But I don’t really remember any issues with 9x command prompt. Thank you for trying to help me solve this. But it’s still not showing on my Device Manager.

The sound works as expected. COM relies on Windows drivers.

I’m just not sure if he took it to a technician or asked one of his employees that’s good in computers to fix it. I changed it to “enabled” and reboot but I still can’t see the device on Device Manager. Or really just the driver? Now here’s my problem, it started out when my pc won’t start up. At this point, I’d simply suggest installing a new card.


My dad took it to get it fixed. It’s been a loooooong time since I played games in Win98 command prompt and since I had an ISA card I simply played them in real ms-dos instead.

Diamond Sonic Impact S70 ESS Maestro-2 Es1968s PCI MINT Tested

The link on that link you gave me directs me to the drivermax download instead of the driver itself. It’s not yet installed and was not detected. Windows 7 x86 SP1. I’ll get back to you guys if the maestgo helped or not. After a bit of hunting around, I managed to find some hopefully appropriate drivers – Link. Yes, the BIOS detects whether a sound-card is fitted and disables the onboard Realtech chip automatically. So is there any way to figure it out without installing Win 98?

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Do you think I can still solve this issue?

ESS ES Maestro-2 Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows () – WDM_zip

Win Home-Premium 64bit My System. The PC has the Realtek chipset.


Hi bhebhegirl and welcome to TSF It seems as if your Maestro-2 sound-card was added after manufacture. As the Realtek chipset is not listed, I’d guess it is faulty. The sound card installed is indeed the ESS one, not Realtek.

It may already be installed or is disabled. I guess I’ll try Googling again Thus the reason a sound card was added.

ESS ES1968 Maestro-2 Free Driver Download (Official)

I downgraded it to XP earlier this yearfor a faster performance. When i reach the installation setup the installation stops when it reaches 34mins when installing drivers and restarts and still, occassionally flashing the blue screen when it restarts.

It stops at the bootscreen while the. Eds can’t post a link to them because my browser shows just the UK sites with UK prices.