Fix quirk for Dell Inspiron ” – LP: The state manager shouldn’t exit on errors that were handled – LP: Install dts from the right directory – LP: No summary available for linux-headers Stop active broadcast device when replacing it – LP:

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Driver Foxconn Audio 915A05

Fix fbcon corruption with font width not divisible by 8″ – LP: Filter out invalid values – LP: Make sure to stop all CPUs before exiting the kernel. No description available for linux-image- 2.

Fix for data transfer problems in native mode – LP: Fix handling of strncmp with zero len – LP: Fix oopsen when dropping empty tree. Fix sparc FTBS by adding ignore. Make delayed refill more reliable – Rc4107ms-s2 Fix fencepost error in chosing choosing group vs file preallocation.


– chromiumos/third_party/kernel – Git at Google

Update d-i to reflect recent config changes. No description available for message- modules- 2.

Fix kernel BUG on driver wpa initialization. Retruncate rax after ia32 syscall entry tracing.

Don’t write zeroed pointers to xHC registers. Add new char-modules file, initialize with intel-agp – LP: Process event flags without delay – LP: Stop spurious softlockup messages due to overflow – LP: Fix use-after-free of multicast object – LP: Hold a reference to the object whilst rc107ma-s2 the eviction list – LP: Avoid the comparator readback penalty – LP: No description available for usb-modules- 2.

: linux package : Ubuntu

Fix rfkill state setting. No summary available for ppp-modules Increase fb alignment to 64k – LP: No summary available for fs-core-modules Fix empty TX queue processing.

Fix a malicious redirect problem in the DNS lookup code. Add bad sense foxcobn for Appotech ax based picture.

Fix quirk for Dell Inspiron ” – LP: About download Foxconn ses kart driver bedava indir. Sds out of order of gsi – LP: Fix up the programmed horizontal sync pulse delay. Check IOPL level during io instruction emulation. Failing so, user will encounter various error messages below, for example: Add support for unbranded Arkmicro 18ec: Do not add notifier when dma debugging is disabled.