Windows I etsyou choose from several color depth settings. Touchpad Provides all the functionality of a mouse. Warning CD When working with peripheral devices or replacing memory modules, always follow installation instructions closely. Plug a serial device such as a digital camera into this port. Information on the Web comes to you on Web pages, which are electronic documents that you view using a Web page display program called a browser. If you do not see the folder you want, browse through the folders listed below the Look in list.

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The screen provides a hard, smooth writing surface, minimizes glare, and increases readability. Hibernate is now an option in the Power buttons lists.

Gateway Gateway M275 Drivers

Store extra pens horizontally in a box or drawer. It provides instructions for installing and configuring Ethernet networking on your notebook. ISP Servers let you connect to the Internet and access your e-mail messages.

To open a document: In fact, all information conroller aconvertible tablet PC is stored in files. For more information, see “Using the memory card reader” on page To turn on the Power on Lid Lift feature: Information on the Web comes to you on Web pages, which are electronic documents that you view using a Web page display program called a browser.


Caution A Back up your personal files before agteway use this option. Networking Your Gateway M Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless Ethernet network if you are setting contrkller or joining a temporary computer-to-computer network.

This saves on the cost of install ing another telephone I inefor your second computer and paying for a second Internet service provider ISP account.

Restoring Software 8 Select 2.

Drivers & Downloads

Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If this happens, install the program or device in the accounts that need it.

Pause execution of a DOS program. For more information, see “Searching for files” on page Go to Step 4. Networking Your Gateway M 21 2 tehernet.

For more information, see “Connecting to a wired Ethernet network” on page 48 and “Networking Your Gateway M” on page 1 Use Windows Find or Search to locate other personal data files.

Ethernet Controller driver free download for windows – Gateway – M

Slide the power switch to leave Standby mode. For more information, see “Changing batteries” on page MP3 MPEG Layer 3 is a standard for digitally compressing high-fidelity music into compact files without noticeably sacrificing quality.

The battery used in this device may present a fire gteway chemical burn hazard if mishandled. The Undock Computer menu item appears in theStart menu only whileyour convertible tablet PC is docked. Windows Basics Working with documents Computer documents include word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files.


Use thevolume controls in theDVD player to adjust the volume. Be careful not to damage the LCD panel, or unplug the keyboard ribbon cable. Your computer connects to the Internet through an ISP. MP3 files and video files on any networked computer, then play them on any of the other computers or devices connected to your network.

This is called fragmentation, and it is normal. If your PC Card does not work after hot-swapping, see the PC Card manufacturer’s documentation for further information. You can also adjust settings such as the screen background and screen saver.

In Windows, you throw away files and folders by first moving them to the Eghernet trash can, called the Recycle Bin, where they remain until you decide to empty the bin. We suggest using spaces instead of hyphens in telephone and fax numbers.