As the largest online golf community we continue to protect the purity of our members opinions and the platform to voice them. Finally got out to the range after getting these bad boys in on Friday. So they ground the front side of the topline off to give it the illusion that topline is thinner than it really is. Equipment 2 weeks ago. The original cobra bio cell driver was released in five different colors. Equipment 1 week ago.

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T face technology, which aims to produce a soft feel at impact. My normal ball flight is lower, and I fight a draw. The cobra amp cell comes in both right and left handed models with myfly technology which allows any driver xmp purchase to be adjusted from 8.

I love Cobra’s efforts goltwrx asthetics The feel off the face of the M2 just turned me off, to be honest. I am not judging — I golfwex a lot of shots at first. I took it out to the range and just with the first swing I knew why forged were a little better for hitting clean and distance! Cobra amp cell adjustable sleeve clubs, grips, shafts. Venollum alloy in the crown saves weight compared with.


Cobra AMP Cell Pro Driver: The Ultimate Review – Equipment – GolfWRX

The srixon z driver is designed for the better player, but if you generate the club head speed and like the cc driver, you are going to really like the on course results.

I also preferred the stock Lamkin grip on the M1 vs. Published 2 years ago on Jun 27, Cobra king universal adjustable torque wrench kit tool. Taylormade sldcallaway big bertha pro, and big.

First Look: Cobra AMP Cell Irons

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf ajp and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Good and bad here. My shaft is an Oban kiyoshi black.

Both irons were super forgiving, and they should be a dream to the average weekend golfer who has trouble with ball striking consistently.

Next to no distance gains vs RocketBladez Tour 7 iron. Ball flight was much lower than I would have expected not super low, covra not much different than my 7 iron — Inconsistent misses.

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Driver: The Ultimate Review

I really want mine to get here!! Can you provide loft info?

Published 1 day ago on Dec 28, Sort of like your ECT electronic throttle control on your car. Golfwdx to complain about and most should never feel anything but soft and solid. Click here for more discussion in the forums. Waited for the ball to come down and WTH, with the roll out it was yards longer than balls hit with M1, and that is with a few toe shots.


Helps and at times can hurt if you want to rage. Got in a handful of rounds with mine before the season ended, and really liked it. Of the two golfwex irons I prefer the M1.

The new limited-release putters will feature a sound slot, milled into each putters sole, designed to offer a responsive sound at impact. Cobra golf drivers golfwrd ltd drivers, king f8 drivers, max.

A special faceweld process strengthens specific areas for woodlike performance. Guy Apr 1, at 1: I am not going to speak to the KK because I never got along with it use to have a Covert tour with a KK in it so I don’t want to shoot something down that I know I don’t like.