The logger was used extensively over a number of weeks. Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site. The antenna has two suction cups attached to allow you to run it around the edge of your windscreen. All of this information gets written to flash memory, and can be set to overwrite the oldest data when full or to stop logging when full. Conclusion All the receivers covered here are well made and of high quality construction.

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The RGM has a magnetic base so that it can be attached to your car roof and a 1. We may decide to do this, but otherwise a wiki sysop user can delete royaltke page more permanently at some point. The only thing was finding the receiver running out of battery power which is common with all Bluetooth GPS Receivers, you do have to get into the habit of charging it! They offer a receiver design that stands up well against the more expensive SiRFStarIII design and is similarly economic with its use of power.

Because roaltek device is so small it can be comfortably carried and does not look ‘odd’ hung around your neck.

Royaltek GPS

Mediatek or MTK as they are otherwise known were the new kids on the block a year or so ago but have become very much main stream now. LED Lights The three lights will have different meanings. Our thanks go to Jactron for supplying the review units here.

A sister MBT unit is also available with data logging functionality. For the Pocket PC no drivers were needed. A quick visit to Royaltek’s web site however and I was armed with the USB royaltem and download software. Replacable LiIon battery Nokia compatible.


Make a note as you’ll need to know this later! Labelled for deletion Royaltek.

RoyalTek RBT review

We’ve seen a move towards removing passkeys which although they’re good for security, once you’re talking to the device, nobody can steal your connection, so in most cases a passkey is of little use when using GPS. Battery performance we found to be a little less than quoted, on average on a full charge we were getting 7. You can also configure the logging interval and whether the memory is overwritten when full or stops logging.

Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Bluetooth GPS data logger — no screen, minimal indicator lights.

The antenna has two suction cups attached to allow royaltwk to run it around the edge of your windscreen. Slowest TTFF from cold we experienced in our tests was 57 seconds with the fastest at 41 seconds, so it had no problem whatsoever performing on a cold royalgek. Close comparison shows the MTK option to be very slightly slower in signal acquisition and sensitivity but this is only apparent using measuring equipment, in real world use few users would notice any difference.

Submit A Support Request. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why on its talk page. Unlike models using earlier generation chip sets there is no need to have this receiver mounted externally any roya,tek.

As always though, the vagaries of TMC reception here in the Royalhek make it very much less use than it might otherwise be. The page should now be empty apart from this message as per procedure. The MBT has a large clip on the rear allowing it to be hung off a shirt pocket, shoulder strap etc and is about the size of a lipstick I don’t have any of my own so compared against Mrs G’s!


Downloading the data is very easy, and can be done by selecting the Download tab, change the mode to Download and Delete, select a filename to save to and whether to process data after download. Products no longer on sale.

You can use it to track where you’ve been, or your other half, or even an employee. If you’re using this for primarily in-car use, then having an in-car charger cable is ideal for long oryaltek where the battery may run out, but most people tend to use Bluetooth GPS Receivers for out walking, hiking, and cycling. Once done click Connect and you’re done.

Royaltek – OpenStreetMap Wiki

You could however set the Baud Rate and playback interval, and playing this back through WinFast Navigator I was able to play back the entire journey receiving the data. I use it with Linux, works fine for me. The is a small matchbox sized datalogger.