Ha if you follow this very easy guide it should work perfect mate what clover version you using and is your config right? Okay I benched it at From here I have tried different versions of Clover including the one on my HDD r all have been unsuccessful. If you have a Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake Processor and use graphic intensive programs like FCPX or play games on macOS the ig-platform-id should be set to prevent crashing and optomize performance when using a dedicated graphics card. Any hints would be nice.

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Posted January 24, Any help would be much appreciated. It maybe helps or too if they do similar behavior. Mine has 5 ports: All, I get is black screen though. If you are using anything higher than a p display you will to use Display Port for your output to display at 60hz. The main hardware as follow: No HDMI video out. Only the Frontier edition works.


Have you noticed this in your set up running Lion? Is this still the case? When I run bootcamp, the fans will speed up when the card is pushed hard. However you have given me a challenge hackinttosh find out.

RX works perfect now! It seems that the sound through the monitor abnormal heard as if in slower tempo.

Or sign in with one of these services. What should I be looking at to get a more respectable render time? Have you tried other benchmark software? I have this one Amazon link. Mouse and keyboard don’t work in welcome screen just see the languages with mouse locked ait top left corner. If you need a guide to fresh install macOS check out the guide.

Nvidia framebuffer configuration is far superior to AMD and Intel. RX would be just fine. Remove the blue plastic cover over the PCIe connector before installation. I am using the latest version of Lilu v1.


Should be PCIe 2. Thanks again for your guides. HDMI video is fine.

I edit with a Philips 43 TV. Marke Clinger February 8, at 8: WEAR but I am not getting any out from it. That is more what I expected to see.



Mojave Graphics not detected AMD Radeon HD : hackintosh

I have tried the newest Lilu and WhateverGreen kexts too…its crazy because I know the card can work because some have made it do so… I am running i7 cpu Asus AA motherboard 32 gb RAM I do a ton of video editing MSi R9 X 8gb card well, right now I have my stupid 2gb Nvidia card in the system Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciate!

With Nvidia I had all the readings…. Had issue when I installed the Sierra Is sierra the only mac os that allow the rx card aati run or could I get it to work in el capitan? Tomorrow I get my RX