These releases include general fixes, as well as: When you are recording a session and the presenter is in HiFi mode, you now get a message warning you that the presenter’s audio will not be recorded. Passwords into rooms now work correctly. You must have a hotComm Windows product installed. To connect to a specific room on starting hotComm, add this to the hotComm startup command line:

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Coordination of the online status symbols in the main User List and the Htocomm Sharing user list has been improved. Moderators are automatically removed from the silent list when they are added as moderators.

You are actually projecting Timed Application to the room, but you and the selected user are working with the Dynamic Desktop remote control feature. Because the hotComm Mirror Driver is installed as hotcmom device driver, we are providing information about manually instsalling or uninstalling in this article, should you need to do so. Long hotScript history no longer causes hotComm to crash on exit.

hotComm – Web Collaboration/Conferencing, Traderooms, E-Meetings & Webinars

The specific changes are: Select the Folder Options icon 5. To see the setting on the desktop icon, right-click the hptcomm and select Propertiesthen click the Advanced button on the Shortcut taband you’ll see that Run As Administrator is checked. Transcript – Changed limit for not displaying the label “[typing]” in a room. This adds the IP of the user to a temporary block list that is valid until the Content Relay hotComm is restarted. You can now make more than one recording during the same session without losing audio on the second and subsequent recordings.


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Improvements in audio device detection. The icon turns green indicating all keys go thru. New – Expanded group states on the Peer List Panel are saved and restored. Dropped Jpg and other files shorter than k hotcomn send through the Server to all session users rather than one at a time from the sender. Pre-production preview of the new DocManager function. Forgot to mention earlier If the Microsoft Encoder is not installed on hotdomm computer, you must install it before making recordings in Windows WMF format.

Use of a mirror driver for detecting changes. See Session Record in the online User’s Guide. Private Raise Hand is unchanged.

Update notice Help button. Use this if someone else is presenting and you realize that their audio settings or chart intensity need adjusting.

The hotCam right-click menu now has a Print option for the image. WMV recording with Full Screen checked has changed. If you have a hotComm product installed but not running, clicking the link automatically starts the hotComm product.


You can now export your identity in the right-click menu of the tray icon and import it on another computer. Change – Raise Hand in a room cannot be used without typing a message. Pre-release introduction of yotcomm and technology.

New in File Sharing – Searching including wild-card, e. Note that you must right-click on bottom of status bar and do Show – hotScript panel to enable it. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list Advancedand click Next. The components are installed when you exit hotComm.

hotComm Revision History

Webcams are limited to one per room at a time. Unique User check feature – if the Unique User box is checked in the Room Profile on the server, duplicate nicknames are not allowed in the room. So that all presenters and participants can take advantage of the latest features, all users must have at least the minimum required revision of the software.

The files are deleted when you start your hotComm client.