Press the TEST button. Non-Listed Parts They do not check the performance accuracy. The A display readings should be within the Test Limits given in the table. From Figure , the following observa- tions can be made: If not, the instru- ment continues to uprange or downrange.

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Remove the top covers and note the value of A10R — if there is an R1 10 installed sec Figure Exchange Assemblies 6- After this reading, the aborted cal constant measure- ment is then retaken.

The ac input attenuator is an RC circuit which provides a fixed attenuation of to-l on the V ac and V ac ranges. Alternating current power line. Preamp gain is XIO. If the instrument is not on the optimum range, a reading is taken and the 34S5A will either uprange or downrange.


Set the 34SSA controls as follows: If you do not have access to such facilities you may. DC Voltage Measurement A separate gain error measurement is not made for the. Off 1 High Ret. The A 1 V.

For specific infor- mation as to syntax and procedures to transmit the con- trol messages, refer to the Operating Manual of the con- troller mofset used. Operational Attenuator Diagram Rear-Terminal Reading Step a: Adjust the meter reference controls for a zero reading on the meter of the Test Oscillator and use the level con- trols to maintain this reading whenever the frequency is varied.


Do rtot mosfey negative voltages greater than Vdc.

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Since this type of accuracy, over the range needed to completely test the accuracy of the 34SSA, is generally not available outside of a standards laboratory, some compromises may be required.

After the instru- ment is adjusted according to the procedures given in this section, it should meet the hour accuracy specifications listed in Table Equipment other than that listed may be used if it meets the listed critical specifica- tions. A typical se- quence would be an input reading, one cal constant measurement, another input reading, the next cal cons- tant measurement, and so on. Table gives the typical mowfet times, using the HP-IB.

Performance Test Failure Disconnect the Decade Resistor. This time is the amount of the time it takes to complete the calculation.

Main Controller The instrument will take a measurement, when this trigger pulse is received. DC Preamplifier Where maintenance can be performed without power applied, the power should jp removed.


International Rectifier

Miscellaneous Troubleshooting 8-G Normal-mode rejection is the ratio of the peak ac normal-mode voltage to the peak error it introduces in a dc voltmeter reading.

During the ohms function the ohms converter sup- plies a current through both the unknown resistance and the reference resistance see Figure Ohms Convertor Input Switching and DC Attenuator. Accepi Data — IA addressed to listen or ATN true psec moxfet character typical 19 delay tourcel Output Data – A addressed to talk Atec per character typical 10 delay 22211 Gefieral Auto Cal must be on for 75 seconds to meet all specifications Overload Irtdication: This feature would normally be used where the A is triggered from an external source.