On a minor negative note though, we found the viewfinder slightly inaccurate in our testing: The DC20 only had the most basic features of a digital camera: A second self-timer feature lets the photographer get in the picture with the subjects. Additional Features Self-Timer Delay. Exposure Parameters Exposure Compensation.

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Focus at infinity does indeed appear soft. A special zoom mode enlarges the image pixels to match those of the display itself.

As mentioned earlier, the LCD can be turned on for a live “preview” by pressing the blue “ok” button on the back panel. As CCD quality has improved, long exposure times have become practical for inexpensive digital cameras.

Overall, the DC’s lens tends much more toward the wide-angle end of the range than is commonplace: Also, laptop users are likely to have PC-card slots available see belowddc210 the IrDA capability redundant. With its four AA-cell batteries installed, the camera weighs in at a fairly hefty It had 2 megabytes of internal picture storage and supported CompactFlash external memory storage.

Cameras in the DC series were manufactured and sold during the mid-to-late s and early s. Ordinary alkaline or carbon-zinc primary cells could be used for daylight photography and during storage to keep the camera’s internal clock running and preserve settings, but they had excessive internal resistance and insufficient current capacity to power the camera when the photo flash was in use.

Kodak DC Series

In a departure from many of Kodak’s earlier cameras, the DC’s lens does not have threads on it to allow attachment of auxiliary lenses or filters. Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago.


Conclusion The Kodak DC is an excellent all-around digital camera, with high “megapixel” resolution, superb color and tonal rendition, and great ease-of-use.

It did not support the JPEG image file format, storing images in Kodak’s proprietary K25 file format instead, as the JPEG image standard was very new and still under development at the time the camera pluus being designed. Business travelers with IrDA-equipped laptops might find the IR interface convenient, but few desktop or home machines support it.

Kodak DC210 plus

Overall, an exceptional accomplishment! Flash The built-in flash has an effective range of 1. The camera’s macro function is also very good. We hope to investigate this shortly, and will update this review once actual infinity-focus results are in hand.

On koda, more positive note, we found that the LCD display provided an extremely accurate representation of the final image file. This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits. The DC required 6 to 6. A reader has commented that he found the DC to show soft focus for distant objects, which our normal testing would not reveal.

The DC takes consistently high quality images, with excellent resolution, and some of the best color we’ve seen to date in a digital camera.

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

The PhotoDeluxe application from Adobe provides greater kodaj capabilities, while Adobe’s ddc210 PageMill program is an easy way to create your own ‘web pages okdak images from the DC Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


The LCD panel automatically turns on when the camera is in “macro” mode, although you have the option of manually turning it off as well. Test Results In every Imaging Resource product review, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: Fortunately, the included software supports bulk-downloads of multiple images at once, so you can let it download a full batch of images while you do something else.

Normally, the current image displays at a reduced size on the LCD panel to allow room for the scrolling “filmstrip” and the control icons.

Visit the Kodak web page for the DC – They also have an excellent “guided tour” of the DC that gives you a good idea of how it works, and what the user interface is like. Of the three top-mounted buttons, one selects flash operating mode, one toggles macro mode on or off, and the third arms or disables the second self-timer function. Given the very large file sizes the DC can produce, we strongly recommend purchasing the optional PC-card adapter, and equipping kpdak computer with a PC Card reader if it doesn’t already have one.

Other cameras with similar slow-shutter capability already on the market have in some cases been criticized for poor autofocus performance in low light situations. The Kodak DC20 was an early digital camera released by Kodak in