Press this button to mute the audio system. The center speaker comes assembled for horizontal placement. Not all DVD movies have or default to a 5. This test is usually performed when no sound is detected from the speakers, and after all other solutions have been tried in the “Table of problems, possible causes and solutions. To prevent electric shock do not use this polarized plug with an extension cord, receptacle or other outlet unless the blades can be fully inserted to prevent blade exposure. Too much bass or subwoofer is distorted.

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Remember, almost all speaker controls are found in your speaker control software. Front speaker placement Because placement of your satellite speakers is important for sound quality, the acoustic response of the satellites was carefully optimized with typical desk, monitor and keyboard configurations.

Plug and Jack Color Code. The three cables separate from one another several inches from the end, and each of the three cables ends with a different colored plug:.

Dell Altec Lansing Ada THX Certified Computer Speakers | eBay

If so, signal from sound card is not present. Do NOT connect the subwoofer to a power source until all speaker system connections have been made. Surge suppressor if used is not powered on. Position the subwoofer at least 2 feet 0.


Dell Altec Lansing Ada995 5.1 Lucasfilm THX Certified Sound Speaker System

Try a music signal with more bass. Center speaker placement The center speaker should be located between the front left and right satellites, near the middle – for instance, on top of your computer monitor. If the distance is greater than 5 ft 1. Do not touch the exposed ends of the triple cable plugs with your fingers during this procedure.

See the figure below. Subwoofer placement The placement of the Subwoofer in your room affects its output. A rotary bass level control is located on the rear of the subwoofer.

Top View Wall-mount brackets For your convenience, two wall-mount brackets are enclosed for use on the rear speakers. The vertical-position stand is keyed to insert in the matching screw hole located on the back of the center speaker.

Original Dell Altec Lansing Ada995 5.1 THX Certified Sound Speaker 4j133

When seated normally at your desk, please repeat the steps above but put a check in the Listening within 4 feet of the monitor check box.

If you wish to use the center speaker in a vertical aad995, you must install the extra stand included with your ADA system.

The THX position is the system default position. It allows you lanwing control of subwoofer volume level for fine-tuning the system.

This speaker system is designed to produce the best possible sound in your listening environment right out-of-the-box. Using the Speaker System: Use the diagnostic feature to determine that the tone is heard through all speakers. To decrease the subwoofer level, turn the rotary control counter-clockwise The Subwoofer Level control is an important feature of your ADA Multimedia Speaker System.


See “Additional controls in the speaker controls software.

Lansingg center speaker is unstable without either stand installed and could sustain damage from a fall. Your system comes pre-configured for 5. The optimum subwoofer level setting varies for different types of music. Remove plastic cover from plug before attempting to insert plug into receptacle.

ADA / 4J FS | Altec Lansing ADA Dolby Digital

You can now position the center speaker on a desktop or other flat surface, but NOT the top of your computer monitor. Be sure to check the DVD’s Language menu and if a 5. If your listening environment permits convenient wall-mount access, you may wish to take advantage of this feature by following these instructions:.

This connection is used with the plugs on the subwoofer’s triple cable. Computer not sending out signal Use the diagnostic feature to determine that the tone is heard through all speakers.