Apogee Sound International Bogen. Mouse Keys – Changes mouse emulation settings. Setting the Sensor Orientation There may be certain instances where you need to define the sensor orientation. Native Instruments GmbH Hardware version: Active Barrier – Displays only peaks. The Delete Confirmation windows opens. Click the Zoom In button.

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Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

Citrx EdgeSight for Load Testing 2. When calibrating, only touch the part of the screen you are calibrating. The Save Warning window appears. Working with the Tab Row. Digi-Sat Plus Technologies, Inc. Introduction Thank you for purchasing More information.

A points file contains the calibration points positions as X,Y coordinates. Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

The CTM Start up menu opens.

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The default touvh is to the USB port. Calibration Window for Quad Sensor Systems 2. Downloading a Calibration File to the Controller Previously saved calibration files can be downloaded to the controller when you need to restore from a previously saved calibration file. Select Restore Factory Settings.


A total of 20 More information.

The changes are saved and will be retained after a power down. Click the Zoom In button to turn off zooming. Select the X icon. The Download Calibration process is completed. Double click the icon on the desk top and follow instructions. Go Professional Cases, Inc.

Crystal Touch | Lumio Touch Screens | Lumio | AV-iQ

To calibrate from a points file 1. The About Crystal Touch Manager window appears displaying the software and firmware versions. Shenzhen zaide Optoelectrics technology development Co.

The Create Shortcut window opens, including a dialog box. Model supported by the KX printer driver. The Lumio License Agreement window opens. Open Scope and check that the boundaries are o. Calibrating the Touch Screen on page Download Calibration Complete Window 5. Can you Toucn Point of failures?

Calibration Window The window consists of a series of calibration points small crosses. Vertiv Emerson Network Power. Instruction Instruction Rev. Title Bar – Contains the window title and buttons to minimize, maximize and exit the application Communications Interface Icon – Enables selection of the communications interface between USB to RS and visa versa – only enabled and visible for a Crystal Touch Controller including RS communications interface capability User button – Accesses user settings Advanced button – Accesses user settings Calibration button – Set up and calibrate the Crystal Touch screen from the Calibration button Status Bar – Reports the status of the Crystal Touch screen.


In non standard screens or installations, such as wide screens, screen aspect ratios differ.