If Expansion Units available, an update of the IO Modules must done before you start the update of the controller. Continue steps for Controller 1 Reset Post Submit Post. Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. Just for testing, make that service account a local admin on the server you are running the task from. The GUI is not accessible during an update of a controller.

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Wait for the upload to finish Abb. This is by default the URL of the server. It maps to a share on the SAN. Open a browser window at http: Click on Update and use ft; browse button to search for the Storwiew Embedded firmware file.

Problem Running FTP Script ScheduledTask – TechRepublic

Just for testing, make that service account a local admin on the server you are running the task from. If you are having trouble connecting the first time after this date, verifying the server certificate is required when using an FTP client.


This makes FTP a great choice for slower connections, even when loading small files.

Firefox or Internet Explorer. I thought that you were calling the FTP.

Use the he command for help See next post for my solution. Disk drives must not be inserted, removed or powered off during the download.

Manupulating NGS data with Galaxy: It may not have uploaded completely. Extend SOHO internet connection to mobile devices offsite. Data loss or data unavailability during or after an update cannot be excluded. If you continue, the new boot firmware will be flashed and the controller will reset. Let the batch file call the FTP script: I finally got my an answer, but it was through a colleague who had a similar problem once The update procedure is the same as for the controller 3.

If you have different hard disk vendors not recommendedrepeat steps for all hard disks some Maxtor hard disks cannot be updated. Help ef do dp bt rs …. Import the Upload sample data history here. Load a few lines of plain text. Problems in the first step working with your loaded data? Shutdown and remove Controller 1 The task completed with an exit code of 2.


Can this be corrected by editing the datatype or converting formats? Be sure to check your sequence data for correct quality score formats and the metadata “datatype” assignment. Uploading data into Galaxy Dataset Collections, including creation during Upload: But if the current firmware on the SR is older than firmware package v2. The command should result in two deliverables: Click on Archive Configuration and download the configuration file with click on Save.

Downloaded firmware is version Valid Boot Firmware File Downloaded boot firmware is ready to be flashed.