It has a green power light and blue usb lights to show which ports are used and what available. I tried the Maybe they wrong, maybe they thought they had 64 bit, but it was really 32 bit. Kudos to Mediabridge for backing their products and lowering my blood pressure. Hmmm, why isn’t the install finishing up? Most websites were not accessible to me because of the long wait.

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There are several products out there with similar options so there isn’t much to say. I wanted a dual monitor setup ever since I first saw one years ago. YouTube videos were impossible to watch.

Hmmm, why isn’t the adapteer finishing up? This time I managed to figure out how to use WPS and it connected with my router without problems. Maybe it was a software conflict of some sort that was puking adaptwr install. Did another re-boot to get out of safe mode, and it still works just fine. It has a green power light and blue usb lights to show which ports are used and what available.

Best upgrade I’ve ever done to a computer in the past twenty five years. The tech support person, who was professional and knowledgable, recommended trying their wireless-N USB mfdialink. The installation was like cake.


Medialink Wireless-n USB 2.0 Adapter

I tried it and it did work. You’re taking the power capabilities of one port and running up to 4 devices. Many devices on the market, wireless adapters in particular, “claim” to work with Windows 7, but upon further inspection they are only “compatible” or worse yet, just outright lying to your face that it’ll work.

Simple and easy to install and works well. I’m on the internet several hours a day and I haven’t had any problems at all. Unlike with an AirPort or some Apple-supported device, there’s no indication in the menu bar that there’s a connection, but the “Ralink Wireless USB” utility that launches when the adapter is connected confirmed it was there.

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I first tried it under Windows 7. Great Company with a Big Bang for your Buck product RSV November 11, I own a computer that utilizes Windows Vista 64 bit and was not having success installing wireless adapters from two reputable companies. Some reviewers claimed that you didn’t need to use the install CD, just plug that little puppy into the usb port and it’ll be right as rain.

Maybe they wrong, maybe they thought mddialink had 64 bit, but it was really adatper bit. I install it and within five minutes I was wireless.

Medialink MWN-USBN USB Wireless N Adapter

Make sure I read them right, for a Windows 7 install, didn’t work. Suddenly a little light went on over my head.


Employs background features that automatically avoid channel conflicts. Works fast, great price, its basic and simple but works well. This adapter meets the most state of the art speed and coverage standards available.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality wireless adapter at a great price. We have a 2 story home, with up to 5 devices accessing the modem at a given time.

ysb I decided to give it a try. I did manage to create a profile typing the WPA2 key by hand and that worked. At this point I’m ready to punch a hole in the wall out of frustration. I believe that one of our cats had decided it to a chew toy. Insert the CD, click “install software” and the utility will auto-detect your operating system and install the appropriate drivers.

Works first time every time. Very easy to install and I just like the placement of the plugs and the display lights on the unit.