Shows how extended the bass is. For example, switching from your phone to your home or work PC and still have call and media support on both devices. Frequency Response from 20HzHz. Although, the obstructed wireless range will slightly depend on your home or office layout. However, the broad 10dB dip surrounding 6KHz will have a negative effect on clarity and presence of vocals, leads and cymbals. Preview Back to editor Format guide —. When a balanced and neutral reference treble performance is desired.

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Advanced Compatibility The Bluetooth headset can easily and quickly connect with smartphones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth devices within 33 feet, bringing you crystal clear sound effect.

Low-frequency extension shows how deep the bass response of the microphone is, and therefore, how deep and full your voice would sound to the listener. Although uncommon, areas with sharp sounds fall under this category.

The best-selling wireless headphones on Amazon are somehow back down to $28

A negative score means the crosstalk is out of phase with the original signal, resulting in a slightly wider stereo image at the expense of creating a ‘hole’ at the center of the stereo field.

To prolong battery life when the headphones are not being used, or if you forget to manually turn off your headphones. Parametric, graphic or preset sound profiles that slightly alter the frequency response.


Over-emphasis in this range sounds muddy and cluttered.

MPOW 059 Headphones Review

Therefore, it is important whenever a good quality of speech transmission and intelligibility is needed. Primarily used for gaming and voice over IP software.

The design is reinforced with a metal frame but the plastic coating over the headband and ear cups feels susceptible to cracking under physical stress, although they feel slightly sturdier than the Plantronics BackBeat Go Some active headphones remain mpod while charging.

I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and the earphones are very easy to use. Comes with two cables: Especially, wireless ones that completely switch off and need to be recharged when the battery is dead.

The maximum amount of deviation between 20Hz and 10KHz is around kpow which is excellent. They have almost the same build quality as that of the Noontec Hammo Go with slightly larger earcups.

Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones Review – Nerd Techy

The accessibility of the power source. Therefore a balanced and true representation of bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, as well as a comfortable listening experience, is essential for critical listening.

This means having the freedom to move around in your home or office with a much greater range than an audio cable could provide, especially, if the Bluetooth source is heavy or difficult to carry. The average amount of group delay calculated based on a perceptual weighting filter. These are not the best headphones on the market.


The subtle, unwanted frequencies harmonics produced alongside the intended frequencies. If the headphones are going to be used in a noisy envinronment airplane, subway, etc.

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On the other hand the Mpow have a more comfortable fit that’s not as tight on the head. The integrated microphone of the Mpow is mediocre at noise handling. If you mostly listen to music and podcast then get the T4s.

As an additional factor of sound quality, it is better than ANC. Mpo can sound harsh and painful. The provided carrying options to protect your headphones when transporting them. The amount of deviation weighted standard error in bass frequency response 20HzHz as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people.

How strong and solid the phantom center is. Around 13 hours Charging Time: However, since they’re not too tight on the head they won’t be the ideal headphones for running or working out. Jesse Best earphones, I ever owned, highly recommended.

Audio input using via an RCA connectors. This item doesn’t belong on this page.