On one hand, it has the luxurious numeric pad to type digits or to use as cursor key when you edit texts. They differ in dimensions and, correspondingly, in display sizes: Notebook The official product information is available here. Probably the coolest feature which I have not seen since my 20Mhz desktop is a Turbo button to overclock the machine on the fly to bump the processor speed from 2. And the dedicated scroll bar works fine for reading texts. If you want to boost the performance you can press the striking turbo button, which is left of the right stereo speaker. One reason might be the video driver.

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This is about one third less. The GX offers an interesting bundle along with main accessories, like a power supply unit, system restore CDs, and a manual:. If your demands are higher, you can connect this notebook to a hi-fi system. Unfortunately, turbo mmegabook does not improve the performance much when running demanding games. This notebook uses a standard audio system: It significantly raises usability of this keyboard—technical or accountant students will certainly value this feature.

On the whole, the notebook looks according to its positioning—not too cheap, but not expensive either.


MSI Megabook GX600

The keyboard panel features the same patterns as on the display lid, the same concerns the panel above the keyboard. Mmegabook runtime in the Classic test of the BatteryEater tool energy saving setting ‘maximum performance’, maximum display brightness, WLAN and Bluetooth on was 61 minutes. As the GX is a gaming notebook, we’ve run two series of tests.

If you press against the palm rest area, the case slightly creaks. We won’t comment on test results in Battlefield 2, because the game probably conflicts with Vista. The runtime is a little more than 2 mgeabookif operated this way.

Although its buttons are rather loud, they work satisfactory. Calculation intensive and demanding picture, multimedia, and video applications are no problem for the GXbecause it is equipped with a Penryn CPU.

It has mediocre viewing angles, especially the vertical angle—brightness and grayscale depend much on them. Interfaces are mainly at the left, the right, and the front side.

MSI MegaBook GX (MSA) – System & Video BIOS – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

Speakers The two red stereo speakers are left and right above the keyboard. As far as I understand, it’s typical of MSI. The difference is even bigger at the bottom side. It’s a large button, easy to grope for. The rough surface feels nice to the touch. In my opinion, these keys are not arranged msgabook. The workmanship appears to be solid. We ran the test twice.


For example, you can adjust DPI. In this very case, we have two leftmost columns of narrow keys. Intel Core 2 Duo T 2.

Review MSI Megabook GX600 Notebook

The decent shiny white MSI logo at the back side of the lid attracts attention. Probably the coolest feature which I have not seen since my 20Mhz desktop is a Turbo button to overclock the machine on the fly to bump the processor speed from 2.

By the way, we’ve read many complaints about these horrible keys, especially about the dot key—it’s very inconvenient to use it for example, when you type internet addresses. They narrowed two leftmost columns of letter keys and keys on the right side of the keyboard.

Nevertheless, the keyboard is complete Megxbook the company introduced special changes into the GX design. If you play a 3D game, you’ll again recognize that the GX is very similar to the GX in this aspect. Sergey Korogod korogod ixbt.